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Game: RiME
Developer: Tequila Works

September 25, 2015
Raul Rubio, CEO, creative director and co-founder, Tequila Works

“I had the oportunity to work with Fredrik on RiME, where he worked as puzzle and level designer. He is a passionate hard worker and a team player.
Fredrik has a wild imagination and the ability to transport it to the screen. He is a puzzle designer but also a level designer who can visualize how a whitebox will be a beautiful and captivating environment.
He has a talent to work on exotic, surrealist game mechanics to create tangible gameplay.”

Game: Murasaki Baby
Developer: Ovosonico

July 30, 2015
Massimo Guarini, Founder & CEO at Ovosonico

“Fredrik is a reliable, well organised designer who always strives to get the best possible results within the given constraints. His ability to understand high level briefings and execute these into final gameplay makes him a good all-round designer able to take on level design as well as game design challenges.”

Game: Apotheon
Developer: Alientrap Games

July 29, 2012
Lee Vermeulen, Programmer / Co-designer, Alientrap Games

“Getting Fredrik to help out on Apotheon level design has been one of the best decitions we have made so far”

Game: Cobalt
Developer: Oxeye Game Studio
Publisher: Mojang

July 29, 2012
Pontus Hammarberg, Owner, Oxeye Game Studio

“From day one Fredrik has been a very important coworker for us at Oxeye.
Since we are a small company we value creative width and dedication and Fredrik has delivered that and more, taking active part in the development of our current project Cobalt in areas ranging from game design, visual design, level design, story and community relations.
He is a very quick learner and had started actively making levels in our engine as soon as he got a hold on it, even before his internship had started, and he quickly became an active member of our level design community where he taught others how to use our editor as well as producing some of the most popular levels.

He has a great ability to work both independently and collaboratively.
His dedication to our company and to our project has greatly helped spread the word of Cobalt and also to make the community as active as it is today.
Besides working on Cobalt he has also been an excellent ambassador for Oxeye at GDC 2012 and at other events such as the Mojam Indie Bundle where he helped raise over $400K for charity together with Wolfire Games, Mojang and the rest of the Oxeye team.

I warmly recommend Fredrik to the position of Level Designer and would happily answer any questions regarding his abilities if needed.”

August 2, 2012
Daniel Brynolf, Game Developer, Oxeye Game Studio

“Fredrik has worked with us on a game called Cobalt.

I think the most striking aspect of Fredrik has been that throughout his time with us, I cannot recall a single time I’ve looked at this work station and found he had nothing to do, despite us rarely giving him direct tasks to do.

Some of the things he has done is:

* Kept making levels of consistently increasing quality with novel approaches.
* Helped flesh out and structure the story, making among other things much helpful asset lists.
* Stayed up with us for a charity game development event hosted by Mojang, engaging the viewers and being a general trooper.
* Ran a daily live-stream towards the community, helping new comers, showing off map making and being a natural community center for map discussions.
* Helped players and engaged with the community through forums and chat.
* Came with us to GDC 2012, represented himself and us excellently, was very eager to learn in the talks and established connections with a list of relevant people.

Whatever he has taken upon himself to do, he has always taught himself quickly. When we have done active collaborations, whether it be story brainstorming or level design discussions, he has always contributed and been receptive towards input.

I recommend Fredrik not only as a Level designer, but as an eagerly contributing member in any team.”

Games: Magicka, The Showdown Effect, War of the roses, Teleglitch, Impire, Dungeonland, Levithan warships, knights of pen and paper, Cities in Motion 2 etc.
Publisher: Paradox Interactive

June 17, 2013
Artur Foxander, QA manager, Paradox Interactive

“I had the pleasure to be lead Fredrik during his 3-month internship at Paradox Interactive QA team. Fredrik is a social person that is easy to co-operate with. He became fast an appreciated member of the team.

Fredrik key strength is that he is very structured. All bug reports that he wrote held a very high standard. A standard that is clearly above average even for professional QA testers. He also had no problems with adapting to changes of our routines.

I wish Fredrik all the best in the future.”

Game: Unmechanical
Developer: Talawa Games
Publisher: Teotl Studios

June 18, 2013
Marko Permanto, Technical Lead & Lead Programmer, Talawa Games

“Fredrik delivered detailed Quality Assurance reports, with video-clips to visually portray the problem in further detail, which helped immensely to find the source of the problem. Always friendly, always consistent in style and quality!”